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As we strive to maintain rigorous academic standards and to provide opportunities for students to achieve their brilliance while feeling safe, included, and engaged in their learning journey, our commitment to fostering a positive and respectful educational environment continues to be a priority. 

In recent years, teachers, students and families have experienced a number of significant academic changes, for example, the adoption of new math curriculum and instructional framework, the expansion of elementary talent development to every student, the introduction of Ojibwe, Spanish, and Arabic in elementary International Baccalaureate schools, new elementary literacy curriculums, and phasing in honors-level literacy for all at the middle school. 

Every instructional area in our district undergoes a three year curriculum review and design process. Each curricular area is revisited every five years. Our curriculum review and design process ensures that our district is in alignment with the strategic plan for racial equity transformation, Minnesota state standards, and the Minnesota Department of Education’s 10 Commitments to Equity.

Parent and Caregiver Engagement in Curriculum Development
St. Louis Park Public Schools created the District Instructional Programs Advisory Council (DIPAC) to engage in a review process of curricular and instructional programs. The council, which consists of parents/caregivers, supports the development of instructional programs that are anti-racist and promote racially equitable learning experiences for all students and make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding curricular and instructional programs. We highly encourage all caregivers to participate in this process by being a member of DIPAC.

We understand that families may have diverse perspectives and preferences when it comes to the curriculum, reading materials and literature topics covered in the classroom. To address this, St. Louis Park Public Schools’ policies and procedures provide information on how families can consider alternative instructional materials.

If you come across any classroom materials that you have questions about, we encourage you to have conversations with your student’s teacher and/or principal. We also encourage families to review the following school board policies:

Policy 604
This policy addresses parental curriculum review

Policy 606

Procedures 606
This policy and below procedure addresses the selection of textbooks and instructional materials and the procedure to request alternative instructional materials

Policy 632
This policy addresses teaching about controversial issues

Requests for Alternative Instructional Materials
Families can pursue alternative instructional materials by completing the form available on our website and sending it to their teacher or school principal. The form is designed to gather the necessary information to better understand your specific preferences and work collaboratively to answer questions and to find suitable alternatives.

Request for Alternative Instructional Materials Form
We deeply appreciate the partnership of families in creating an educational environment that respects the needs and humanity of each student. Your input is valuable in shaping a curriculum that reflects the diverse perspectives within our school community.