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The transformation of St. Louis Park High School is well underway since construction commenced on June 12, 2023. This ambitious project is divided into 10 smaller schedules and phases, each contributing to a comprehensive overhaul of the school campus. With a focus on modernization, expansion, and safety, this construction initiative is set to revitalize the educational experience for students and the entire community.

Cafeteria Expansion

One of the project's highlights is the extensive expansion of the school's cafeteria. The existing cafeteria was removed to make way for a more spacious area, extending toward West 33rd Street. This expansion ensures ample room for all students and introduces a new outdoor patio space, offering a refreshing environment for students to enjoy the outdoors.





At the heart of St. Louis Park High School lies an abandoned courtyard, soon to be reborn as a dynamic three-story learning environment known as the Link. This undertaking will seamlessly integrate with existing structures, offering multiple access points and providing students with learning spaces, breakout rooms, and an open environment conducive to collaboration.

Classroom Renovations 

The classroom spaces at St. Louis High School are undergoing a comprehensive makeover. Phase 1, encompassing High School 3rd Floor Unit B and C classrooms and corridors, was recently completed. The rejuvenation process included new paint, carpet, wall tile, ceiling tile, markerboards, furniture, and various other improvements to create a more conducive learning environment for students. Phase 2 is slated for completion over the 2024 summer break, promising similar enhancements.

Media Center 

The Media Center is also in the spotlight, undergoing upgrades to provide students with a modern and technology-rich space for research, study, and creative exploration. This includes sliding glass walls to allow for open environment collaboration, as well as breakout rooms to allow for individual or group work.  

Storm Shelter

To accommodate building additions and student population, the basement is being transformed into a storm shelter. This critical project involves the installation of precast concrete wall and ceiling panels to fortify the basement, creating a secure shelter.  

Parking Lots and Eco-conscious Planting

In a commitment to both safety and sustainability, new parking lots and a bus carrels lot are being constructed to alleviate congestion on nearby streets, ensuring the safety of students and drivers. The school is taking an eco-conscious approach by planting 183 new trees, 341 shrubs, and 1,010 perennials, transforming the campus into a greener and more environmentally friendly space.  

Track & Field Renovations 

Student athletes and staff will delight in the rejuvenation of the track and field facilities. The existing track was reclaimed using advanced methods, with soil excavation and the installation of an underground infiltration liner to manage rainwater effectively. The installation of new turf and track is well underway, with an expected completion date of November 30th. 

As we transition into October, construction activities are in full swing. CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) wall installation for the new cafeteria has commenced. The turf field is already installed, promising an exciting space for sports and outdoor activities. Additionally, basement wall demolition is complete, marking another milestone in this transformative journey. 

The St. Louis Park High School construction project is making great progress. With meticulous planning and execution across these 10 schedules and phases, the school is on track to welcome students to a modern, safe, and vibrant learning environment in the 2024 school year. Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for more updates on this transformation, as well as other construction projects across the district.