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Aquila Boundary Change End of Year Update

As you are aware, St. Louis Park Public Schools is examining ways to address building capacity challenges at Aquila.

This spring we held forums for families to share feedback and questions about possible boundary changes that would take effect at the start of the 2024-25 school year. We appreciated the authenticity of this engagement and everyone’s efforts to keep students at the center of our conversations. We also want to thank the SLP school and district staff who invested time to develop scenarios and seek family perspectives to better understand the potential impacts of boundary changes.

During the engagement process, families encouraged us to get creative and explore alternative ways to address capacity challenges, while preserving the relationships that students have formed in the Aquila community. While a possible boundary change may still be on the table in the future, our focus at this time is to consider what short-term and long-term solutions could be put in place to address Aquila’s capacity and functionality to meet students’ needs. 

This summer, we will update the school board with the feedback from family engagement opportunities, as well as deepen our conversations about alternative ways to address capacity at Aquila. 

Thank you for your partnership and collaboration in this process. We will share an update with Aquila families next fall once school is back in session.